Feature Image by Adrian Espinoza

It has now been one full year since we were working around the clock toward the launch of ELEANORA. While the days and weeks were very long as we pushed ourselves more than we thought possible to overcome the initial inertia of our “beta phase,” the months have flown by and any momentum and progress we have experienced has been measured by nothing other than hundreds of small actions that we took one day at a time. The hold-your-breath, fake-it-till-you-make-it, do-it-yourself-even-though-you’re-terrified moments defined our first year, because we just had no other option.

Now here we are, having climbed one mountain…standing at the bottom of the foothill that is ELEANORA: Chapter Two. Looking upwards with a strategy of how we are going to face all of the things this climb might throw at us, we are just a little bit more prepared, a little bit more seasoned, yet we know that we still have endless lessons to learn. With a new chapter of growth for our platform, managing our Co-Founder duties in tandem from across the country will present its own set of challenges and adjustments. (In case you missed it, Melissa moved back to her home town of Boise, Idaho to establish partnerships in our Northwest market, and I am moving part-time to Los Angeles to slowly but surely expand us into the entertainment sector and grow our partnerships in the West Coast market.) 

I will be sharing another more detailed post on all of this soon, but due to our upcoming exciting transitions, I have decided to keep a running digital diary as part of my Oh, Eleanora channel that will fill in the blanks of sharing daily life and progress toward achieving our goals as founders, as a growing platform, and as a case study for anyone who is curious about entrepreneurship to prove that nothing ever happens overnight. Any opportunity to advance a mission or a goal must be met with preparation in order for the magic to spark. 

ELEANORA year one: some highlights.

In reflection of our mission, our first year in business, our inspirations and our passions for the messaging we believe in, I was recently invited to join my long-time editorial and storytelling mentor Lance Avery Morgan and his Co-Host Rob Giardinelli on their podcast Success With Style to talk all things ELEANORA. Take a listen below to learn more about our creative journey, my personal professional journey, and what it is about style and storytelling that make me tick. 

Listen to the episode by clicking the link above. 

Thank you to everyone who has supported ELEANORA in our first year, and thank you to every single reader who has been with me since my early blogging days, to those who have joined our audience recently, or to anyone who has stopped in to join the conversation along the way. Oh, Eleanora, is there more to come soon…