By Melissa Delgadillo | April 2019

Welcome to the streets of SXSW…

The South by Southwest transformation that takes place in Austin, Texas every Spring is an enigma. In what seems like an overnight urban set change, a community of innovators and creatives pops up and transforms downtown Austin into an immersive, interactive and imaginative experience that for the wandering festival goer feels as if you’ve been planted in an alternate (and much more magical) dimension.

I see the interactive festival as an annual opportunity to soak in the greatness of those viewing the world through a different lens. Whether it’s through a curious conversation on the street with someone who is just getting started in their career, or listening to a top-of-their-game thought leader inspire an audience and share the ways they are changing the world through their work, each year I leave with my eyes wide open and my creative thoughts unruly. 

Come along as we take you on our 48-hour journey through SXSW 2019, where we celebrate creativity, expand our minds and find inspiration among strangers, proving that there are more commonalities between all of us than differences in our interconnected world that is much smaller than it is large.


Street Style

Up-close and personal with thought leaders 

Pamela Adlon, Executive Producer, Writer, Director and Actor in Better things talks with Jill Bernstein, Fast Company Editorial Director about the creation of Better Things and what it looks like to embark on a creative venture. 

Christina Tosi, Chef and Founder of Milk Bar sits down with Stephanie Mehta, Editor-in-Chief of Fast Company discussing the creation of Milk Bar and working through failure. 

Hilary DuPont, Senior Marketing Manager at Milk Bar, talks about the invention of the Cookie Claw vending machine. 

Images courtesy of Harrison Funk 

It was the first time either of us had attended a film screening or premiere party. Unsure of what to expect, the night couldn’t have been more special. Produced in partnership with New Republic Studios and shot at their creative campus just outside of Austin in Bastrop, Texas, Sister Aimee is a beautiful and captivating story highlighting female relationships in such a thoughtful and honest way. Written and directed by NYC-based filmmaking duo Samantha Buck and Marie Schlingmann, the story is loosely based on the life and feigned disappearance of Sister Aimee Semple McPherson, a 

Canadian-American evangelist who was a celebrity in the U.S. in the 1920s-1930s because of her healing powers and star-quality personality. The story featured not only one but two strong female leads whose characters were carefully developed throughout the film in a way that felt deeply personal and real without ever seeming over-the-top. It resonated with both of us on many levels, gave each of us a leading character to identify with who was different yet united, and inspired us to continue researching and sharing the stories of women from history with several levels of depth, substance and humanity — regardless of how the headlines

of their time may have painted their pictures. Buck and Schlingmann’s storytelling strategy shares this sentiment beautifully: “We don’t look for factual truth in Aimee’s journey. Instead we look for a more timeless truth that says something about female ambition, the female quest for immortality and most of all, the struggle for women to control their own narratives. It becomes a story about storytelling itself.” It was a night of celebrating what it can look like when women take control of their own narratives, and we were honored to be there to cheer on the team behind this relevant work of art.


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Melissa Delgadillo

Melissa Delgadillo

Creative Director | Art Director + Photographer

Melissa Delgadillo is the Creative Director | Art Director + Photographer of ELEANORA. A storytelling enthusiast with over a decade of work in shaping brand narratives, she thrives curating experiences and producing uplifting and highly conceptualized content that inspires the imagination. Follow her journey as she curates and shares out-of-the-ordinary adventures in her monthly column Atypical Avenue, and connect with her on social media @melissa__delgadillo.