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Photography by Imagery West Vita

How did you and Monica meet?

Monica and I met at the bakery she owned. She had the most amazing smile, and I knew I had to meet her.?

Why did Monica stand out to you as the person you wanted to marry?

Monica is one of the most giving and generous people I know. Before we started dating, I was collecting toiletries for the victims of the Bastrop, Texas fires. Monica overheard me taking about it, and 45 minutes later she brought a car full of goods back to me to take to Bastrop. I love her heart!??

How did you propose?

I proposed on a private gondola ride at the?Venetian?in Las Vegas. It was a total surprise and?absolutely perfect.??

Why did you choose custom clothing for your wedding day?

I have a tuxedo that was made for me, but I wanted something different that stood out for both me and my?stepson. I couldn?t have asked for a more perfect suit for our special day.?

??What was your favorite part of The Bespoke Experience?

I enjoyed everything about the experience, but most of all… I feel as if I have gained two new friends in both James and Nicole. They made me feel amazing from day one.??

What special touches did you include in your suit design and why?

Mikey (my stepson) and I added vests to our suits to really stand out for the wedding, and to our look together and give it that special touch.?

How did your Limatus clothes make you feel on your wedding day??

I felt?absolutely incredible?on my wedding day! I?m a big guy, and the way my suit fit me truly dressed my physique perfectly, instead of drowning me and making me look even larger.? I’m so grateful to Limatus Bespoke for making me feel so confident on our special day.?