hen visiting the Limatus Bespoke showroom, which is quietly tucked away in the basement of the historic and immaculate Roosevelt Library, one might find it quite odd that Limatus Bespoke began in a place so drastically different.  A dramatic departure from the elegant trappings of our current location, our story began in a shop that sits on the corner of one of the busiest, noisiest, bustling thoroughfares in the massive urban jungle that is Bangkok, Thailand.   

As a wide-eyed 19-year-old volunteer from rural Idaho living in Bangkok, I was excited about the prospect of getting my very first custom, tailor-made suit.  My dad wore suits and dress clothes every day as a lawyer and a judge, so I always had an affinity for dressing up and I was eager to begin my own collection.  What I was expecting was a nice, tailored suit at a Bangkok price.  What I was not expecting was an experience that would eventually change not only the way I thought about dress clothes, but the way I thought about business.   




‘m an old, take-it-easy kind of soul who often feels like a fish out of water in our fast-paced, rather impersonal world. Of course, I appreciate the conveniences of modern-day advancements, but any time I am afforded an experience in which I can take my time to create something extra special in collaboration with others is one in which I relish. Time, attention to detail, a creative process, personalization, unparalleled customer service…these things used to be the norm in life, but today they are luxuries. One of the greatest luxuries I recently experienced was working with Limatus Bespoke to make my newest suit, The Ellie.  

As a creative professional, my life and my career are both very outside-of-the-box. My personal life and my professional life are deeply intertwined, because my work is an extension of who I am as an individual and what’s inspiring my imagination in the moment. I don’t have a seperate work wardrobe and home wardrobe, I have one that is comprehensive, and it has to suit every need from photoshoots, to client meetings, to special events, to production sets, to board rooms, and more. I needed a suit that showed some personality, that was authentic and individual, but that was also timeless and wearable year-round.