Acting natural in Marfa, TX.

By Christina Cate | April 2019

?Good times and bum times, I?ve seen them all and my dear, I?m still here.??
? I’m Still Here, Stephen Sondheim



ell, well, well it?s officially Aries season and?ya?girl is staring down her last birthday of her twenties.?Before I get into it, let me preface with?yes, I know I?m young.?Yes, I know that there is still a ton more to learn. And?yes, I absolutely anticipate reading this at the end of my thirties with enough embarrassment to power the lights?and?egos of?BroadWAY.??

That being said, I found myself diving into my?Morning Pages?on the morning of April 1st (no?foolin?)?and mindlessly listing all that has happened in the past ten years.?Giiiiirl.?


The lights of Broadway. Just kidding, it’s Disneyland at 10:00 at night. I was covered in lollipop residue and joy.

In my twenties, I have: 

Had my first legal drink at a bar that illegally served me for at least two years prior to that. (Oops.) 

Graduated college. 

Tattooed my body-ody-ody eight times. 

Moved in with a boyfriend. Got engaged and broke up.  

Waited tables and bartended. 

Started the job that changed my life. 

Laid my last living grandparent to rest. 

Performed in 15 shows, two of which were absolute dream roles.  

Met the love of my life. Got engaged (again), got married, bought a house and had a baby. (And no, not in that order.) 

Traveled to beautiful, new places. 

Cried an impossible amountstill outnumbered by the amount of times I laughed. 

Started a business. 

Learned more than I could possibly put into a list. 

And so, so much more. 

The two jokers responsible for Cate Creative.

At the beginning of this decade, if you had asked me where I would be at the end of it, I would tell you with so much eye-roll inducing confidence that I would be a shining star in En-Why-Cee. Peep the never-before-seen footage. And no, that?s not Sutton Foster, it?s me at 19. I swear. 

If you had showed that girl who I am today, she would have laughed and said ?No, no, no. I don?t want kids and I definitely don?t want my own business. And there is NO WAY I?m back living in San Antonio, Texas.? Oh, precious baby angel. Your life is so much sweeter than you could have ever dreamed. And somehow, two incredible women think it?s good enough for you to write about.  

And don?t worry, you go to New York often. You?ll be there this month, in fact, visiting your best friend. (Look out May column, #content is comin? your way.) And, again, don?t worry. You are still performing. On your actual day of birth this year, you?ll be sandwiched between some of San Antonio?s and your favorite actresses during a staged reading to two completely filled houses. Get it, girl. 

Easily the best part of my twenties.

Here?s to the last year of the best years of your life. At least so far. 



All photos taken by husband and Cate Creative photographer, Charles Cate. 

Christina Cate

Christina Cate


Christina Cate spends her days drinking dirty chais, crying in her car, and being a totally serious business woman. Currently, she is proud to tote the titles of Founder + Designer of Cate Creative, Mom to TJ, Partner of Charles, and even Sometimes Actor. Connect with Christina at, on Facebook @CateCreative and on Instagram @CateCreative