Guest Editor’s Letter: Meet Hannah Zunker, The Movement Maker Behind Florecer Femme

Photography by Adrian Garcia of FOMAS Cine and Melissa Delgadillo

By Hannah Zunker | February 2019

Strong women.  They raised me, shaped my life, and taught me to be fearless and independent. Strong women taught me to be proud that I am a woman. To the world, the past year was the Year of the Woman. To me, the past 28 years have been the LIFE of a woman. Empowering and showcasing strong women is not new, but it is bigger and better than ever before and I am proud to be a part of it.

In early 2018, I was soul searching. In that moment, I looked toward my strengths and values for guidance. I asked, “what am I good at and how can I use my talents to do what I love?” I am a positive, hard-working, and motivated person and I love being surrounded by strong women. I realized I could use my talents to create the #femmepowered environment I wanted to be in.

That is how I came up with Florecer Femme. Florecer means to flourish in Spanish and femme means woman in French. Florecer Femme is an online and in-person community providing opportunities for women to flourish. Florecer Femme fosters a woman-empowering culture and is open to all women – professionals, creatives, entrepreneurs, corporate ladder climbers, heads of households, you name it. Florecer Femme curates events and workshops that elevate your personal, professional, and creative self. Feel broad? It is! I like it that way because as women continue to evolve, Florecer Femme will too.

On February 2, I hosted my first New Year #GOALS event. At this event, we focused on motivating women to set and achieve their 2019 goals by presenting three powerful speakers in a beautiful space filled with food, music, and positivity. Our goal-setting community does not stop there; we will continue to hold each other accountable and push each other to reach our goals throughout 2019. I have never felt more empowered than at the end of that day.


I am so honored to be able to serve these women. I look forward to the growth and opportunity that lies ahead for Florecer Femme. I do not know where it will go, but I do know I will continue to surround myself with strong women.

Let’s flourish, ladies.



Hannah Zunker
Founder, Strong Female Lead
Florecer Femme