Eleanora (Ellie) Morrison is the Creative Director & Editor In Chief of ELEANORA. A digital creator and curator, thought leader and multimedia storyteller born and raised in San Antonio, TX, Ellie is thrilled to showcase a cast of diverse talents on the ELEANORA platform.?Her day-to-day experiences, creative curiosities, mindful musings and portfolio highlights can be found on?Oh, Eleanora,?Ellie’s personal?channel on the ELEANORA platform. Connect with her and follow her on social media?@eleanoramorrison.


Melissa Delgadillo is the?Art Director + Chief Business Officer?of ELEANORA. A storytelling enthusiast with over a decade of work in shaping brand narratives, she thrives curating experiences and producing uplifting and highly conceptualized?content that inspires the imagination. Follow her journey on social media as she curates and shares out-of-the-ordinary adventures and admires the simplistic beauty of everyday life?@melissa__delgadillo, and explore her portfolio highlights of creative work on her personal channel on the ELEANORA platform, Atypical Avenue.