EM: What drew you into interior design and what is your background in the industry???
WS:?It all started when I would sew pillows with my grandmother and insist on attending all of my mother’s meetings with her interior designer. I couldn’t get enough. ?I didn’t get my degree in design, however, because I was afraid it was just a phase. ?When I bought my first house, I fixed it up and friends kept asking me to help with theirs. Once I took my first official client, it snowballed from there.?

EM: How would you describe your personal aesthetic when it comes to preference in home styling????

EM: How do you work with your clients to curate their personal worlds to be authentic to them??
WS:?I help my clients build the road map to their dream spaces, which is the most fun part of my job. ?It makes it more interesting and also more challenging. ?The best part of the process for me is when I am given a pile of pictures that a client has collected, and incorporate their inspirations along the way. Pictures really do speak a thousand words. ?Clients don?t usually understand why they like a picture of an interior, but it is always clear to me what their preferences are.??

EM: When you work with clients, what is it that you find is the biggest misconception when it comes to styling an interior??
WS:?That it happens overnight. ?Usually a project doesn’t have a clear vision until after two, or even three meetings. ?If I hurry along, I might create something that a client won?t be happy with long-term. Slow and steady always wins the race.