Life’s A Jolly Holiday

By Carly Clegg | March 2019   L ike Mary Poppins, I seek out the possibilities of tomorrow, chasing after life, like one big jolly holiday. When it comes to new beginnings, both professionally and personally, I believe the real adventure is discovering the what if's...

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Ready In The Wings

By Christina Cate | March 2019 The Stars and the Moon that Started it All A   s I sit down to write this, my very first column for ELEANORA (or any magazine, for that matter), I hear my mentor?s voice in my head, ?Why should anyone care?? A question she would pose...

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…And Another Thing

By Alyssa Haddad | March 2019 W   hen I was looking at colleges, I was adamant about studying history. What kind? Didn?t matter. I?m a Gemini with the stubbornness of a Taurus, so no matter how many times my parents begged me to go into something I?d be good at - like...

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Dressember: Real Life Reimagined

This December we are participating in a digital fundraising campaign called Dressember, to bring awareness to human trafficking and to help put an end to it around the world. Founded by Blythe Hill several years ago (read her article about this movement and the...

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Enjoy The Game

Photography by Katie Lenhart? I ?m 29 years old with only a week until my 30th birthday. The upcoming milestone has brought on an onslaught of revelations, but none so powerful as the following:? I?ve spent the past 20 or so years trying to figure out as much as can....

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A Second Chance

Photography courtesy of Alyona Real By Alyona Real | December 2018?   I have an insatiable hunger to do more...to do better, and to act on my passions to live a life enlightened. I haven?t always felt this way, but this is a fire that I don?t think will diminish with...

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By Christina Cate

Raised on a healthy cultural diet of Streisand and Garland, this high school theater teacher, actor and sometimes entrepreneur is tap dancing through life relying on musical theatre, its life lessons, and the people (who need people) that it has brought into her life. 

By Carly Clegg

Finding herself through navigating the growing pains of life, this vivacious Dallas gal is celebrating the victories, milestones and adversities of change, remaining fearless and determined to choose joy along the journey.

By Alyssa Haddad

A sucker for all things comedy and theatrics, this playwright turned columnist takes you through her daily life and the streets of New York, hopping over potholes along the way.


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