Oh, Eleanora

by Eleanora Morrison

The World Is Your Stage.
Accounts of the real experiences, people, places, spaces, quirky characters and creative inspirations that make ordinary days into memorable adventures. 

Our January Issue Launch: Celebrating Women In STEM


Last Friday night marked a milestone: our first ELEANORA event. Melissa (Delgadillo) and I made the deliberate decision to “soft launch” our magazine over the past few months, shying away from any sort of large splashing, launching, etc. We wanted some time to slowly and quietly test the waters and tweak our product before we brought it offline and into an in-person community…and a room full of spectators.

Dressember: Real Life Reimagined

This December we are participating in a digital fundraising campaign called Dressember, to bring awareness to human trafficking and to help put an end to it around the world. Founded by Blythe Hill several years ago (read her article about this movement and the foundation she started HERE), Dressember has grown every year, helping more and more people and raising awareness that slavery still exists globally.

Fashion Group International:
Celebrating Our 2018 Rising Stars, And What Serving The Organization Has Taught Me About Community

This past week marked my final commitment serving the Fashion Group International of San Antonio as the Programming Co-Chairon its Board of Directors. It has been an eventful two years, during which I have been forced to lead, to grow, to step up and just make things happen regardless of whatever was going on in my professional and personal life, and I was pushed way outside of my comfort zone to do so. As with any commitment that ends, there is a wave of relief to have completed something you started, but there is also a gratitude for the experience and a nostalgia for the relationships that accompanies any end of term.

From Juana Inés To The Red Carpet:
My ‘Nunspiration’ Style

When it comes to theme dressing for formal events, I tend to err on the side of authentic, edgy interpretations that express my creativity and how I am feeling in the moment. I attended a formal fashion awards show here in San Antonio a few weeks after we shot our Juana Inés de la Cruz feature, and was so inspired by what our team had created together that I repurposed some of the garments and accessories made custom for our shoot by Angelina Mata of Mata Atelier and Cassandra King Polidori of Cassandra Collections, and styled them with my own clothing into a femme tuxedo look I lovingly refer to as: nunspiration.

A Monday In The Life: ABC, CBS + B’WAY, Oh My! Thank You WKL

It was just another Manic Monday in Manhattan when Melissa’s and my alarm clocks sounded at the crack of an autumn dawn. The morning of a big, Big Apple day with our friend and publicist Whitney Kuhn Lawson, we definitely didn’t want to hit snooze, no matter how tired we felt. For some reason, the energy of New York City always does that to me. Up and at ’em, we were soon on the elevator headed downstairs to catch a cab by 5:45am and on our way uptown to Times Square to sit in the audience of Good Morning America on ABC.