By Carly Clegg

Finding herself through navigating the growing pains of life, this now-Californian is celebrating the victories, milestones and adversities of change, remaining fearless and determined to choose joy along the journey.

There’s The Whole World At Your Feet

July 2019

Is there a place in the world that you really just soul-connect with? Whether it‘s the great wide somewhere, your grandparents home or a country in Europe? For me, I have an all-consuming, overwhelming love for the state of California. I’ve had it since I was in the 6th grade and I can’t explain where it stems from, except that it’s been a constant hum in my inner self that lingers until I’m physically reunited with the Golden State. A collision of the mysteries of the Universe and my soul’s deepest desire.  

I Have Confidence

May 2019

It’s 4am on a Saturday morning and after a night of what felt like Christmas Eve, I’m up at 4:01 with a ‘let’s do this’ attitude–that desperately needed to be fueled by coffee. (One of those *wake up before the alarm goes off because you’re scared you’re going to oversleep* kind of mornings.) 

Miraculously, my husband and I are in the car, on time, headed out to Palm Springs from San Diego for no-not Coachella, not Stagecoach; but for a Create & Cultivate Panel to network, talk shop and grow my professional community. V efficient (and cheaper) than a music festival, I’m just sayin’.  

Spring Has Sprung

April 2019

Change is in the air, friends! Can you smell it?! The fragrance of spring has anointed us yet again, bringing with it longer days of sun, flowers blooming and quite unfortunately for some of you, allergies. I’ve never experienced how transformative spring can be like this year, living in San Diego; the richness of the colors, the density of the vegetation, the smell of jasmine and sage–it’s an oasis for the soul, reenergized from the seasons. So many reasons to look up, look around and be in tune with your surroundings; a reminder that we can so easily forget when the majority of our population juggles a constant online, offline lifestyle. 

Life’s A Jolly Holiday

March 2019

Like Mary Poppins, I seek out the possibilities of tomorrow, chasing after life, like one big jolly holiday. When it comes to new beginnings, both professionally and personally, I believe the real adventure is discovering the what if’s of the unknown. A major theme in my life is change: the constant hustle of rewriting my narrative, keeping up with curveballs, rebuilding community and maintaining positivity through it all.