by Melissa Delgadillo

I have always been drawn to the out-of-the-ordinary, the unusual, the person with a dash of a little flash. Forever feeling a little bit out of place everywhere I go, a comfortable discomfort has led my mind to run wild with imagination daily, continually noticing the unique beauty of the world. Welcome to Atypical Avenue, a place where my normal and the world’s abnormal co-exist…

Atypical Encounters:
My Journey Into The New Year With Mr. Mystery On A Southwest Flight

Its 7:40 PM, and I am sitting in the Phoenix Airport four days into the new year. Smashed burrito in my purse, waiting to board the last leg of my Southwest flight after 3 weeks traveling, miraculously I am in an A boarding group. Only 2 more hours of traveling and I will be home, sweet home to officially kick off 2019.

Atypical Ambiance:
A Very Merry 1950’s Holiday Soirée

It’s a comfortable 68 degrees in San Antonio, TX and the scene has been set in my downtown loft. The year is 1952, Christmas jazz is playing and one of my dearest friends, Satchie Seidlits has created a Cranberry Winter Mojito to present to guests upon arrival. As each woman enters the scene–a 1950’s window display to be exact–she can’t help but nearly squeal with excitement, almost on cue announcing her arrival.