Co-Founders Eleanora (Ellie) Morrison and Melissa Delgadillo. Photography by Adrian Garcia of FOMAS Cine.

Welcome to ELEANORA, a multimedia digital magazine where 360-degree influence meets community and legacy. Created by two Texas-based women on a global mission to spread positivity, authenticity, and the message that true impact exists both on and off line, this platform shares real stories of real women who lead, and the people who support them in their efforts. We are the collective voices of the movement makers, the movers and shakers, the pioneers and the innovators.

In a decade transformed by digital ‘influencers,’ we pride ourselves on being different. We present highly conceptualized artistic storytelling parallel to in-the-moment candid storytelling that is never contrived or manipulated. We invite you to join our platform’s media movement of 360-degree influence, focused on shifting our culture to value the power of community and celebrate the true beauty of individuality: because the women who have come before us have proven that this is the magic that actually changes the world.

ELEANORA is published by S.H.E Media Group, LLC. in San Antonio, Texas. We publish original content from global contributor voices; although some special advertising content may be sponsored, all opinions are our own. For behind-the-scenes production, engaging multimedia content and curated experiences, follow along on social media @eleanora_magazine. Get to know our Co-Founders personally @eleanoramorrison and @melissa__delgadillo


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