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Image Source: The Met Museum

By Heather Elizondo | October 2018



he stood?stoically, gentle waves lapping at her feet, the breeze playing through her hair, brushing her gown against her body. The gentle?whooshing?of the water rhythmically aligned with her breath. She chanted silently to herself the words that lead her through her life. Calm (Breathe in). Strong (Breathe?out). Loving?(Breathe in). Worthy (Breathe out).?

As she surrendered control over the words, she saw them float around her in the winds, gently surrounding her head, then body as they slipped into the water to join the waves. They spoke as they lapped against her ankles. Calm.? Strong. Loving. Worthy.? The words turned to colors so that the water was not the nondescript greenish-brown of the tides she knew from childhood, but a mix of blue, white, purple, and green swirling together like?finger-paints?on a toddler’s masterpiece.??

They touched the hem of her gown, the color running up the skirt, blossoming from each point of contact to create a palette of intertwining hues, each a guiding ideal. Calm. Strong. Loving. Worthy. She closed her eyes and breathed deeply, encouraging the colors to journey throughout her body until her skin shone with the vibrancy of blown glass.??

Her fingers tingled with energy and expectation, gleefully anticipating the flow of power. Calm. Strong. Loving. Worthy. The colors shot forth through her fingers and out each fingertip before transforming into a million tiny particles of a?spectrum?of light that dispersed into the air and surrounded her. She opened her eyes, keenly aware of the aura with which she enveloped herself. She was calm, strong, loving, and worthy.??

She rose from her bed and touched the worn carpet with her bare feet, ready to meet the day.?

Image Source: The Met Museum

Heather Elizondo

Heather Elizondo


A seasoned music education professional who recently transitioned into residential real estate agent, Heather Elizondo strives to balance health and happiness within her career, her life as a mother of two teenaged children, and the wife of a violinist and conductor.? Elizondo studied music and education at the collegiate and graduate levels and found a home in the music classroom for 16 years.? Since stepping outside of her school hallways to pursue a new career, she has enjoyed exercising her creativity through different avenues. She dabbles in creative writing in her spare time, a craft she has always admired. Elizondo can be found on Instagram and Twitter at @HeatherSellsSA?or on LinkedIn.?