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Saying ‘I Do’ To A Custom Wedding Day Wardrobe: Limatus Bespoke Shares 5 Aisle Style Stories

What a bride or groom wears on their wedding day is considered among the most sacred and ceremonious clothing in our culture. Limatus Bespoke profiled five couples who chose The Limatus Wedding Experience for their customized ever-after ensembles, each telling the tales of how their tuxedos and suits played starring roles in their own love stories.


Musings on all types of topics, both the timeless and the timely, contributed by women from diverse locations who are journeying their respective paths of life.

Petition For Pie

Photo from: Waitress the Musical, TodayTix   By Alyssa Haddad | November 21st, 2019G uys, it’s here. Turn on the game and unbutton your pants. It’s time for Thanksgiving. The most important food holiday of the year, and yet, one of the most underrated celebrations....

Familiarly Unfamiliar

By Carly Clegg | November 1, 2019 I t’s officially been one month since we moved to our home in Dallas and my mind has yet to find a moment to stop analyzing the macro of all that’s to come these next 4 years. I’m currently in that awkward phase of finding new...

‘Tis Time!

Photo still from Walt Disney Pictures   By Alyssa Haddad | October 17, 2019 G uys, it’s the best time of the year. That’s right, it’s finally Fall, or Autumn, if you're fancy. Yes, the time when everything in nature dies but we all get our lives. If you’re anything...


The Medium Is The Message



eptember has always been a month that I associate with new beginnings. With the return from summer and the anticipation of a fresh season, the breezes that bring fall cool the air and the winds of change whirl with anticipation of what unknown adventures are to come. For ELEANORA, September brings a new year. Our first published issue was September 2018, and we have collectively taken one trip around the sun as creators, collaborators and contributors, together with you–our reader. 


Inspiring conversations with public figures on career successes, defining greatness, creating community and more.

Why We’re All ‘Brave Enough’: A Discussion With Cheryl Strayed, NY Times Bestselling Author

At Home In Hollywood With Ruta Lee: Classic Hollywood’s Larger-Than-Life Darling Shares On Career Memories, Frank Sinatra and Friends, and The Secrets To Success




Three equally entertaining women from three very separate locations weigh in on life and its many adventures in their distinctly authentic voices; these quick-read beats will draw you right in and always keep you craving next month’s entry.

By Christina Cate
San Antonio, TX

Raised on a healthy cultural diet of Streisand and Garland, this high school theater teacher, actor and sometimes entrepreneur is tap dancing through life relying on musical theatre, its life lessons, and the people (who need people) that it has brought into her life. 

By Carly Clegg
Dallas, TX

Finding herself through navigating the growing pains of life, this vivacious Dallas gal is celebrating the victories, milestones and adversities of change, remaining fearless and determined to choose joy along the journey.

By Alyssa Haddad
New York, NY

A sucker for all things comedy and theatrics, this playwright turned columnist takes you through her daily life and the streets of New York, hopping over potholes along the way.


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