ELEANORA Presents:

2019, Take 2: #GOALS The Talk Show

Hannah Zunker, Founder of Florecer Femme, kicking off #GOALS 2019. Photo by FOMAS Cine.

On February 2nd, 2019 Florecer Femme’s first annual #GOALS event hosted a community of women from San Antonio and throughout Texas for a series of uplifting workshops educating the success-driven group on how to?become strong female leads of their lives. Listen to the following women who joined us for a chit-chat on our talk show segment coverage of the event. Real women share openly and candidly on their careers, communities, inspirations, motivations, and more. Click each image to watch their full video segments, Co-Hosted by ELEANORA’s Co-Founders, Eleanora (Ellie) Morrison and Melissa Delgadillo.

Still photography and segment videography by Melissa Delgadillo and Eleanora Morrison.