with Eleanora Morrison

What does it take to pursue a passion and build a legacy you are proud of? On the scene at cocktail parties, inside of offices, backstage in dressing rooms, on sidewalk corners and everywhere in between, Eleanora Morrison strikes up candid conversations with everyday individuals, well-known icons, and up-and-comers to get the answers that inspire.

Ten Minutes With Global Fitness Founder Ellen Latham

Ellen Latham took a challenging life circumstance and turned it around to grow Orangetheory Fitness, the largest global fitness brand with over 1,000 physical locations around the world, and over one million members. Latham is a leading example of why you should always believe in yourself, lean into the discomfort of growth, and use adversity to push harder than you thought possible…because you just might achieve more than you ever dreamed.

Five Minutes With British Fine Jeweler Stephen Webster

At an exclusive cocktail party hosted by Neiman Marcus, British Fine Jeweler Stephen Webster is welcomed to San Antonio in an art collector’s unique Southtown home. We discuss why Webster is nicknamed ‘The Mick Jagger of Jewelry,’ what he shares in common with the rock star, his favorite pieces to design and his connection with the Elizabeth Taylor.