with Eleanora Morrison

Adventure doesn’t always have to mean jet-setting to the world’s most exotic locales to discover a zest for life. Sometimes, spontaneous everyday moments with friends–old and new–in more familiar places can make for the most memorable, fulfilling experiences. Eleanora Morrison gets up-close-and-personal on afternoon adventures with people who are chasing their dreams.

A High-Stakes Hollywood Movie Musical Audition With Emerging Soprano Cristina María Castro

Emerging, Brooklyn-based classically trained Soprano and triple threat Cristina María Castro recently moved to New York City after a decade of vocal training in Texas and other parts of the country. A close friend of mine since childhood, we were catching up over lunch in Dumbo when she got an email from a casting agent asking her to submit a second round of audition tapes for Steven Spielberg’s upcoming remake of West Side Story. We jumped into action to record her submission, and talked about the realities of training for a craft.