ELEANORA is a digital magazine for the sophisticated modern-day woman, developed by a team of creative storytellers in Texas with national and international contributors.

An elevated, substantive and lifestyle-centric magazine, we are inspired by women from the past and their collective influences on our modern-day lives. Through multimedia storytelling, we curate thought-provoking and meaningful content in an untraditional way, meant to universally uplift women of all ages. Fall down the rabbit hole as our website transforms each month illustrating the commonalities of the female experience, and the timelessness of the styles, issues, and triumphs that transcend generations.

ELEANORA Magazine is published by S.H.E Media Group, LLC. in San Antonio, Texas. It publishes original articles from global contributor voices; although some content may me sponsored, all opinions are our editors’ own. For behind-the-scenes production content and curated editorial experiences, follow along on social media @shemediagroup and @eleanora_magazine.


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